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    Post  dvlkshanak1718 on Mon Apr 25, 2016 7:11 am

    Hello All!

    I am dvlkshanak1718. I am also a ShaNak fan like you all guys and I am absolutely feeling glad to get introduced to so many good fans here and in other forums as well. It is a great feeling to share one common feeling amongst all of us. We all are from our own different little worlds, different thinking, different likings, different personalities but still are able to bond with one another just because this one common feeling. And common feeling is SHANAK. I am really happy to connected to you all. I have also been writing some few ffs since I started knowing the importance of reading, writing and there by sharing our thoughts about ShaNak. I have started reading bulandiya since last night and I have completed the first 20 parts. But I know that the thread is locked so, I could not post a comment there. But, as and when I am allowed the privilege I will surely comment.

    Imane, you write very nicely. The switching between their past and present is really nice. Imane, I have also given you the access to my stories and I really hope you will enjoy them. Great feeling of getting in touch with to you.

    For the rest, as I have already mentioned earlier, I have been writing 2 ffs on ShaNak titled 'Tujh Bin Saathiya' and 'Mere Humsafar'. Both are ongoing FFs and both are completely on different grounds. I would like to know if any one of you is interested in reading my ffs. They are written in my private blogs on blogger and one must have a blogger account with gmail id to get the access. Please let me know if anyone is truly interested. I will be glad to give you the access.
    As of now, I am not sharing my contact details, because the board says that for new users, it is not allowed to post any kind of mail ids or external links till the first 7 days... I shall come back by then.

    Thankyou and once again, a wonderful job by you Imane... Keep it up and Good Luck...

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